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Vol 2, Issue 2, pp 23-32, 2017

Gender differentials in profit among oil palm processors in Abia state, Nigeria

Author: Agwu, NM1, Oteh, OU2* and Amama, GC1
1Department of Agribusiness and Management
2Department of Marketing
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Nigeria.
*Corresponding author: ogboteh@gmail.com


The study analyzed gender differentials in profits among oil palm processors in Abia state, Nigeria with a random selection of sixty (60) males and sixty (60) females palm oil processors. The result of the cost and return analysis showed that palm oil processing was highly profitable in the study area and male processors had higher revenue (₦92,842,000) than the female processors (₦47,590,570). The result showed that there was a significant difference in the profit between male and female processors at one percent probability level. The study also observed factors such as processing techniques for male and income, fixed and variable costs for female processors exerts influences on processors profitability. The study recommended that women should be given the necessary assistance and barriers that create unequal opportunities for both men and women should be removed to enhance efficiency in processing and other related activities by the relevant government agencies.

Keywords: Gender differences, oil palm, processing, profits, Nigeria

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DOI: 10.19268/JGAFS.222017.2
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